Can anyone believe that it is almost March? I have no idea where February went…I only remember eating a lot of discounted Valentine’s Day candy! But seriously, I have taken time for myself this last month and been seriously engrossed in the Olympics! I have always loved figure skating and dance dancing but this year I had plenty of full nights watching all things snowboarding and skiing. Have had some rough mornings when I wondered why I was awake until 1AM watching sports….. I have been so inspired by all the athletes not just Team USA, definitely obsessed with some Russian and Canadians figure skaters!

I am happy to share an exciting thing that happened to us in February, we were featured in a magazine! In the summer I saw a posting on Marietta Daily Journal’s Facebook page asking for brides married in 2017 that were from Cobb County in Georgia for their Cobb Life Weddings Edition. Well, Ben and I met in 5th grade at a Cobb County elementary school and now after many years and different cities we are back living in Cobb County and married in 2017. So I submitted our story with some amazing pictures from Oak Avenue Photography¬†and truly forgot about it until I was contacted in December that we got chosen. I did the interview over the phone while Christmas shopping in Walmart and shared our story which includes my struggles with Lupus and how it changed my life but brought me to Ben. I thought I would be amongst multiple other brides and stories with a small corner of the magazine for us….oh no, it is a 4 page spread at the front! We were completely blown away.

Funny enough, when I told Ben we were chosen he was so embarrassed and did NOT want to do it. I told him it would be fun and he wouldn’t have to do anything for it. He is not a fan of being the center of attention which as some will be surprised to know, I am not either. We were so touched with the story that the writer Mary Cosgrove decided to tell and we are so grateful that Cobb Life picked our story. Can’t wait to share this with our future children someday! You can read our full Marietta Daily Journal’s Cobb Life Magazine article HERE.

Cobb Life Digital Version- Page 8