I am told that I have great personal style and I laugh because I personally feel like I struggle when trying on clothes. I can never decide if something actually looks good or if I’m crazy! I have always LOVED shopping. The hunt, the find, the deals…. all of it. It really became clear when I went away to college and St. Louis and I would go to Target when I was homesick. Targets look the same everywhere and it would give me the feeling of being back in Marietta, Georgia at my local Target. I know it is silly, but it really helped me get through those first couple of months of being away from home. Then of course online shopping became popular and the whole world changed! You have able to find anything you could possibly want, which is a blessing and a curse.


I have always been a fan of a good deal. You will NEVER find me suggesting you purchase a $300 pair of jeans because I would NEVER buy them!! I rarely splurge for a clothing item over a $100, except sneakers because they are my weakness. My parents both immigrated from Europe in their 20’s and met in an irish pub in Houston…..I know, crazy. Growing up we never wanted for anything but we were in no way wealthy. We were lucky to be able to go the beach or visit family but we never took a family cruise or stayed in a fancy resort, that just wasn’t our style. It really made me know the value of a dollar. When it comes to shopping, I feel the same way.

There is no reason to break the bank to look fashionable! I am constantly trolling the Nordstrom website looking at the latest trends, but that is not in my everyday price range right now. As a newlywed and young professional women, I have to be conscious of the money I spend as right now, SAVING is the most important…..but we all need to live alittle.

I hope I can be a resource for fun, fashionable items that will not empty your wallet. I definitely have my go to budget friendly stores, TJ Maxx, Loft, Old Navy and Target but I am constantly looking to find the best deals on popular items for the season, or knock offs that look pretty darn close to the real thing!